Words To Be Looked At

avec Camille Baudelaire — Fabrication : La Nouvelle Fabrique — mai 2013 — Format : 450 x 270 x 70 mm et 340 x 270 x 50 mm — 3D printing with melted thermoplastic ABS filament and painting


"The project formed from a simple idea: words taking shape.
Working with the notion of perspective and perception enables the translation of words into new 3D shapes with a shift in the meaning. Distortions of images and distortions of objects merge to build an ambiguous volume always in a perspective view (See right through me), or to materialize two opposing concepts in a single shape (Freeze/Move).

The WORDS TO BE LOOKED AT series is obtained by 3D printing with melted thermoplastic ABS filament. By its repetitive passage, the "print head" leaves its mark on the plastic surface, which is left raw on the final object. The footprint pattern creates a specific texture that reflects the production process in stacked layers.

The idea of high definition or low definition, previously used exclusively for images, now also applies to objects. This technique allows us to think of volumes as images and explore new shapes, both generic and unique.
The project has been exhibited in New York from May 18 to 21 2013 at French Design Connection"