There's just an empty space

avec Camille Baudelaire — mai 2014
Format : 220 x 220 x 220 mm — 3D printing


The series of typographic volumes tricks our vision. Working with the notions of perspective and perception enables the translation of words into new 3D shapes with a shift in the meaning. Distortions of images and distortions of objects merge to build an ambiguous volume always in a perspective view (As far as the eye can see), or to shape a cubic sample extracted from a wider yet unknown object (There’s just an empty space).

This series follows the Form In Progress project, which can be described as a laboratory experimenting on the typical yet singular forms generated by software design tools, influenced by the conventions of representation such as axonometric projection or multiple views in 3D softwares.

The 3D printing techniques allow them to think of volumes as images and explore new shapes, both generic and unique. The finish is left raw to showcase the footprint of the production process in stacked layers.